Professor Sandro Donati, Schwazer trainer and historical memory of Italian anti-doping, what do you answer?
“Meanwhile, a neutral Wada interested in ascertaining the truth, would have immediately found that the facts of that surprise check of January 1, 2016 were already highly suspect. The check was decided an hour after Schwazer had testified against a World Athletics anti-doping medical collaborator and was commissioned an astounding 15 days in advance. In addition, the singular choice of January 1, should have made any doping control expert suspicious. Finally, Wada should have realized that the inspector in charge of the control signed two conflicting statements: first, that he had kept the urine until the morning of January 2; then, eight months later, in front of the Tas, he admitted that he had left her at 15:00 on January 1 and had gone home. His verbalization was therefore false and the chain of custody violated and interrupted. That check had to be canceled ».

Niggli considers the Agency, extraneous to the case …
«The hacked emails to the IAAF unfortunately indicate that Wada was by no means a stranger and, in any case, in the Bolzano proceedings it never acted as a third party, but always in symbiosis with the IAAF. Until producing the “queen test” that should have nailed Schwazer, but which the investigating judge and his expert rejected to the sender, since it had been produced in full evidence but without informing the judge, in the absence of his expert or a Schwazer’s consultant, drafted a posteriori, without documentation, indicating a value that the judge’s expert judged “out of this world”, even without a reference scale. In short, a bizarre and self-referential “proof” that an organism like Wada should never have produced. The Agency instead provided a very funny justification, asserting that that analysis had been done to verify a hypothetical exchange of test tubes of a doping control in May 2010 …. Come on Niggli, but how can you support such a story? “.

Wada accuses the Bolzano court of using Italian taxpayers’ money …
«Niggli should remember that the Wada is financed by the governments, and therefore also by the Italian taxpayers …».

Schwazer acquitted: pardon, trial review, that’s what can happen now
When will Alex Schwazer’s sporting ban expire?

Five years ago Niggli stated that she had never been a Wada consultant. The other day, however, she told the truth, the one everyone knew: that is, that she collaborated with the Agency for many years.
«I thank him for his appreciation, also because he was not afraid to throw off some miserable Italian gallop who had made me pass for a braggart».

According to Niggli, she is even a victim of Schwazer’s “betrayal” …
“I understand it would have been convenient to isolate Schwazer and bury him forever, describing myself as the victim of the crafty walker, but I would never lend myself to such cowardice and falsehood. On the contrary, I understood from the moment when the positivity was notified that it did not stand up, and I pushed to immediately file a complaint against unknown persons for manipulation ”.

Niggli spoke of good faith and exalted the Cologne laboratory: what do you think?
“I would like to ask him how he justifies the joint maneuvers of World Athletics and the laboratory for not delivering the urine to the Italian magistrate, the false declarations on the residual urine, the strategy to deliver only urine A, the incredible attempt to give the colonel Giampiero Lago a false champion B. I followed the hearings one by one: if Wada and World Athletics scientifically define that set of fake tests produced, well, they are really bad… ».

And their choice of an expert convicted of false expert opinion (then prescribed penalty)?
“I would have found that choice disturbing even if the expert had been the best geneticist in the world.”

Niggli rules out the possibility of Alex Schwazer marching again. And he adds: “We will not be intimidated.”
«For Wada, World Athletics and the Cologne laboratory this is a Maginot line: a minimum admission and it is the end. So they just have to deny, deny, in a desperate defense, disguised as irremovability and confidence. But have they wondered where such a choice can lead them? ».

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