“We have washing machines for black”: Fanpage’s investigation into the Fratelli d’Italia campaign in Milan. Between “Hitler’s Admirers” and Freemasons – VIDEO

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Fidanza and Javarini support the lawyer’s candidacy to the city council Chiara Valcepina and explicitly ask for funding from the alleged businessman. “The methods are: o pay into the dedicated current account. If, on the other hand, you have the need for the opposite e it is more comfortable for you to do black, she pays for the bar and col black will then cover other expenses“, Fidanza MEP says at one point to the undercover journalist. The invitation is made explicit some time later, during an electoral event: Fidanza and Javarini go away after placing their mobile phones on the table. The “black baron” explains that he has “one series of washing machines“For the financing of the election campaign. Fidanza goes into detail: “He finds four or five professionals, these people they make the payment traced to the electoral account“. The whole affair will be followed by Javarini, because Fidanza wants to stay clean: “I have a game in a year and a half, me I stake the future of my career“, explains. Javarini, on the other hand, claims that he has repeatedly used these methods to finance electoral campaigns: “Even in the Lombardy region I brought them to him, I conducted more operations of the kind of pure cash”. Then say a few names.

But not only. Fanpage’s hidden camera documents more as well. Pregnancy, for example, is used to teasing Paolo Berizzi, journalist under guard because he was threatened by the neo-Nazis. And he’s not satisfied with the coalition mayoral candidate, Luca Bernardo. According to the candidate Valcepina, he resembles “the Yogi bear” while an unknown voter comments: “How the fuck are you doing in Milan elect a Sicilian mayor? “. Amid fascist greetings, offenses against Jews and homages to Hitler’s Munich brewery, Javarini claims to be part of something larger than Fdi. “We have a cross group, let’s say esoteric, where there are several Freemasons. Then there is a whole vein of Hitler’s admirersplus we have our own informal information and security service, we have a network of ex-military personnel, ”he says. An organization transversal to parties. “We have political contacts within the center-right, not only in the League but also in Fratelli d’Italia and even Forza Italia ”.

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