Weapons and drugs in the rap video shot in Sinigo, two complaints for incitement to crime – Time.news

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BOLZANO. The Bolzano carabinieri identified the young people who participated in the rap video shot in the Sinigo area, near Merano, and published on social media, denouncing two of them for instigating a crime.

In the video, some young people, imitating the attitude of some rappers, in addition to staging the commission of crimes, showed weapons and drugs. The soldiers, in agreement with the public prosecutor of Bolzano, presented themselves at the home of the author of the video, a 22-year-old local and, with the help of a canine unit, they set out in search of the semi-automatic pistol that appeared in the video. The weapon, actually a reproduction, but without the markings that identify a toy gun, was found together with a modest amount of hashish, which led to the young man being reported to the Bolzano government commissioner.

The second protagonist of the video, a 21-year-old local, was also identified and reported.

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