When is the new Coluche?

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2023-06-21 16:00:00

EDITORIAL – We are all waiting for it. We all hope, so far in vain, each time a humorist is cataloged as “corrosive” on sensitive subjects, that that’s it, finally we have the new Coluche. Unfortunately, for the moment, in the absence of an effective court jester, we have to make do with a few puppets: the political professionals who, it is true, are all excellent at making us laugh out loud, and their various associated relays.

In addition to the sex scandals of which they are the recurring stars, the embezzlement unfortunately often erased by justice, there is the physical violence with which citizen demonstrations are repressed or prohibited, gratuitous violence while the thugs are not worried. Really, what a laugh yellow.

There is also the “double weight, two measures” to say the least “hilarious” between different court decisions and the application of sentences.

On the one hand, the month of suspended prison sentence against the prosecutor who had published on a libertine website an advertisement to prostitute his daughter…. Or the fact that Nicolas Sarkozy, former president (whose leitmotif was “zero tolerance ”) despite a third prison sentence, two of which are final, is still free at the present time.

And on the other side, that of the beggars, there are the sentences of 12 and 15 months in prison, immediately carried out for citizens who, it is true, have committed the crime of lèse-majesté of having sought to place a caramel with a chocolate maker in Amiens, the nephew of Emmanuel Macron.

The same goes for the new AFP joke, which consists of applying the Munich charter, ethics and deontology normally. Because the press agency does not speak of the criminal complaint against Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission, in Belgium, for criminal collusion with the manufacturers of the anti-Covid-19 “vaccine”.

That’s true, why bother… After all, she only bought 4 billion doses, that is 10 times more than the total population of the European Union, and this without ever the European Parliament has been consulted on the subject. A straw !

As far as Macron is concerned, it is a pity that the paradox is a comic spring only if, and only if, it is stretched with finesse. Otherwise, how funny our President of the Republic would be, in the role of the antinomic of service, always good at saying everything and its opposite in the same sentence or just a few days apart… And the examples are many :

In 2014, he admits that he is a socialist. But in 2016, he said: “Honesty obliges me to say that I am not a socialist”.

In 2016, he declares on cannabis that he is “vain to systematically penalize the consumption of cannabis” to then advocate in 2017 the “zero tolerance”.

In 2019, regarding the law on pensions in anticipation, shifting the retirement age is according to him “hypocrite”.

Regarding nuclear power, he first considers it as “a choice for the future”. Then then declare “that it is not good to have 75% of electricity of nuclear origin”. A triple somersault, backwards, forwards, obliquely, we don’t know anymore, we have trouble following.

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But there is worse ! Yes. Much worse, even. “Inadmissible” said the chief inquisitors, self-proclaimed critics (but comedic option), who unwittingly shared the information with me. There are comedians, fortunately boycotted by the media, who put on shows in which they contest some official versions, both in terms of Covid and global warming.

They deny the authenticity of the statement, hammered home by the government and its administration, which they equate with propaganda and mock absolutely all those who work to pass bladders for lanterns and make us swallow grass snakes.

But who do they think they are? Shame, for example, on Doctor Alwest, whose real name is Farid Alest, who wants to both make people laugh and “embody change”. It is necessary to denounce it to CopyComic for plagiarism of the tenant of the Elysée!

Other troublions are browsing on YouTube, which make us think of the character Glandu*, trying to evade the well-oiled censorship on this platform. They don’t hesitate to slip on subjects like Emmanuel Macron’s alleged wig (one thing is certain: I’m not concerned), his psychology, his partner (who recently the front page of the last “Special Men” Gala) or who attack head-on the effectiveness of the sacrosanct anti-Covid-19 vaccine…

About the latter, would they be perfectly right to say that it was all just a huge lottery? How likely are you to have a serious vaccine side effect? 1 in 10,000 chance? 1 in 5000 chance? In the lottery, it’s a one in 19 million chance of winning the jackpot… As for the chances of the victims of the vaccine being compensated, that will be determined in court. 100% of them tried their luck to be protected from a disease with a vaccine that did not prevent transmission…

Yes, this anti-Covid-19 vaccine never prevented the transmission of Sars-CoV-2 and yet the health pass was born and a man named Emmanuel wanted “fuck the French” with these stories. That he dares to say the opposite: I then propose to him once again to participate in the “Challenge of Truth”.

A president who “fucks” the French when a humorist, once, knew how to love them so much to the point of helping them and wanting to kick the anthill… The world upside down, in short.

*racist character, cantankerous and of a bad faith pushed to the extreme invented formerly by Thierry le Luron – whom one regrets as much as Coluche – to castigate at the time all the political apparatus without being worried by justice.


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