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In just a few days the new rules of the Traffic Law will come into force. As reported by the DGT, the new rule, which will be in force from the 21st, on conventional roads, drivers of passenger cars and motorcycles will no longer be able to exceed the maximum speed allowed to overtake other vehicles by 20km/h. A measure that seeks to minimize the risk caused by overtaking and thus reduce the accident rate on conventional roads.

It is on these roads that the so-called ‘invisible radars’ Velolaser of the DGT can be most effective. This type of radar has a height of 50 centimeters and a weight of two kilos, so they can be attached almost anywhere. They are usually placed on traffic signs or on a tripod.

The velolasers are capable of detecting violations at a distance of between 15 and 20 meters, at speeds between 30 and 250 kilometers per hour, and can perfectly identify what type of vehicle is carrying out the violation.

The social network SocialDrive, an application for drivers, has created an interactive map in which it locates all the velolasers that are installed in Spain. Galicia is currently the autonomous community with the most velolasers. They are followed by Valladolid, Madrid or Albacete. It is not present in Extremadura or Teruel and there are many areas of Andalusia free of invisible radars.

As specified on the map, the exact location of each of the radars, which you can check on the interactive map, is as follows:

– C.Rbla. of Capuchins meaning Calahonda

– CM-401 between Guajaraz and Guadamur gas station

– N-122 km 13 towards Soria

– Highway. San Roman to Talavera at the Canal crossing

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– Gran Vía la Manga in front of the local Souk

– N-322 straight crossing Motilleja

– N-403 from Escalona entrance to Maqueda

– A-4 km 89 towards Madrid

– N-502 Pletil plains for evening wear

– LE-110 height Jiménez cemetery

– N-420 in the Pinassa area towards Cuenca

– A-22 km 79 direction Barcelona-Fraga

– N-322 when passing the Romica bridge

– EL-20 km 3 before Martínez Valero

– Keeper in Vía Hispanidad

– CM-4000 leaving Toledo towards Torre la Puebla

– GR-3404 Romilla

– Cobeña M-118 zona de 40km/h

– TO-1261 Cazalegas road towards Talavera de la Reina

– VA-30 gas station height

– CL-602 between Medina and Olmedo towards Olmedo

– Ribeira, Coruña

– Boadilla del Monte at the entrance of the urb. Sentinel Pine

– Ronda Oeste height ECO park

– Sant Boi de Llobregat on Avinguda d’Aragó

– Cazalegas industrial estate, Toledo

– Lugo. Santiago Old Road

– AP-9 km 104 towards Pontevedra

– Bahamonde link A-8 with A-6

– VG-4.8 direction of Poio cemetery

– km 8 from the Corredor de Nadela to Sarria

– N-634 km 672

– AS-216 Millariega, Tineo

– Mieres in front of the More and More

– N-VI Carral before the Finsa Bridge towards Lugo

– Straight of Saron

– Garden City, sports center entrance

– Rotonda Elecrec

– Leon Felipe Park

– Cuesta Bolón, Zamora

– A-6 km 42 approx. height Villalba where the gas station

– Cepsa direction Coruña

– C. Alameda entrance from the A42 Illescas

– A-15 height Ágreda

– N-122 Matalebreras height

– A-15 km 62 aprox. altura Likes

– Clara Campoamor Street

– P-405 Villalobón

– N-301 km 204 height La Roda direction Ocaña

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