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The veg trend also affects women in pregnancy and children. For them for critical nutrition, because it must allow correct and healthy development in delicate stages of growth: for this i pediatricians have intervened several times in this regard and one of the latest positions comes from the Italian Society of Preventive and Social Pediatrics which, in the last conference, presented the update of a consensus document drawn up with the Italian Society of Adolescent Medicine, Italian Society of Perinatal Medicine and Italian Federation of Pediatric Doctors. The most important recommendation, as Marcello Bergamini of SIPPS explains, is to monitor all children who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, doing blood tests to check that no deficiencies develop. In fact, the document clarifies that there is still no scientific evidence to establish at what age it is safe to eliminate animal foods without side effects on development. There are not enough demonstrations for a green light of vegetarian and vegan diets and in the last three years (the previous edition dates back to 2017, ed) no studies have been published that could change the recommendations, Bergamini specifies. Parents who opt for green must rely on nutritional advice to find out what supplements are needed, in particular to make sure that the vegetarian child has a sufficient supply of amino acids, iron, zinc, vitamin B12 and DHA; for children who follow an even more restrictive vegan diet, the document underlines the importance of monitoring and preventing calcium, vitamin D and riboflavin deficiencies with any supplements. In fact, attention is never too much: a recent study by the University of Helsinki has shown how, despite the scrupulousness in the use of supplements, vegan children are still possible lack of vitamin D and vitamin A. Monitoring and supplements are needed if the mother is veg also during pregnancy and breastfeeding which, explain the pediatricians, should be continued for the first two years of the baby’s life. Furthermore, if the newborn does not take mother’s milk in the first few months or only partially feeds it, it is necessary to choose plant milks adapted for infants.

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