‘Without queens the English monarchy would already have disappeared’

by time news

Rome, March 17 (time.news)

“I tried to discover, through my book, what lies behind her ‘mask’, a breastplate that she was forced, perhaps in spite of herself, to wear in almost 60 years of reign. I met Queen Elizabeth even if in official ceremonies , she seemed anything but snobbish, genuinely interested and curious about others “. This is what Antonio Caprarica told time.news when he signed his latest updated biography for Sperling & Kupfer, ‘Elisabetta. Forever queen. The life, the kingdom, the secrets’, out on 6 April.

And the writer and journalist, historical Rai correspondent from London added: “I have great sympathy and enormous esteem for the English sovereign. After all, it is history, three queens, all very young, Elizabeth I, Victoria and Elizabeth II saved the English monarchy , without them she would have already disappeared. And to think that none of the three would have had to ascend the throne. Churchill’s phrase about the current sovereign is famous: ‘our queen, dawn of greatness for this country … It will be a second Elizabethan age’ , which perhaps did not happen – he underlined – because the world has profoundly changed “.

“Elisabetta did not build empires like Queen Victoria – recalled Antonio Caprarica – If anything she had to manage their dismantling. She was however a true statesman”.

‘Prince Charles caught and prepared for the throne, but could pass his hand to eldest son William’

And on the future of the English monarchy, after the interview of the Dukes of Sussex with Oprah Winfrey and the endorsement of the former first lady Michelle Obama to Nbc, Antonio Caprarica explained again: “the Windsors will also survive the accusations made by Meghan Markle and by Harry towards the royal family. And to think that their marriage was applauded and celebrated in London especially by British ethnic minorities. It was a sign of openness, of modernity, of inclusion launched by the monarchy to the nation “.

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Will Prince Charles one day ascend the throne of Albion? “It is a recurring question to which Prince Charles one day replied ‘if the laws of nature are valid …’ and above all if he will survive his mother – Caprarica retorted – because Queen Elizabeth seems truly highlander. Prince Charles has all the virtues. , the cultural and intellectual abilities to become king, no prince has been prepared like him for the succession to the throne. He could be a good king “.

“His program is convincing – continued the writer – Exaltation of diversity and multiculturalism, defense of religious faiths and the environment, ‘streamlining’ of the English royal family. Of course – commented Caprarica – if the opportunity to rise to throne should arrive too late, Prince Charles is over 70 years old, I am convinced that he will have the courage and audacity to pass the hand, to the eldest son, Prince William and his wife Kate “.

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