“Yandex.Maps” added a search for cafes with admission by QR codes

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The Yandex.Maps service has added the ability to find cafes and restaurants that can be entered by QR codes. We will remind, from June 28, catering establishments in Moscow can visit limited categories of citizens, including those vaccinated against coronavirus, who have recovered or provided a negative PCR test result.

“You can find places by clicking on the” QR Login “button on the main screen of the application and in the desktop version of” Maps “. Also, such restaurants are on the request “Where to eat”, if you apply the filter “Login by QR”, “- leads TASS press service.

Guests, employees and students are allowed to enter hotel restaurants, office buffets and student canteens without QR codes. Children who are accompanied by adults with such a code can visit restaurants without codes. In transport, fitness clubs and hairdressing salons, the QR code system will not be entered.

More details about the rules – in the material of “Kommersant” “Summer cafes and office canteens were allowed to live without QR codes.”