ZAP provides magical moments at the cinema for REMAR children

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2023-11-28 23:59:38

News from Angola – The ZAP Vidas program last week provided, magical moments for children and teenagers from the REMAR foster home, aged 9 and 17, in a special screening of “Wish: The Power of Desires” at ZAP Cinemas.

For many children, this was their first time in front of a cinema screen, which made it more than just a trip to the cinema, it became a unique experience, full of magical, exciting moments, and of course, delicious moments, with the popcorn that ended the morning with a flourish.

The chosen film was the most recent animated film from Walt Disney Animation Studios, an inspiring story that shows that when the will of a brave human connects with the magic of the stars, wonderful things can happen. The children and young people at REMAR embarked on this exciting journey through the world of fantasy, and the smiles on their faces clearly reflected their happiness.

Visibly moved and inspired by “Wish: The Power of Desires”, little Jurema, aged 11, described the moment as “magical and exciting”. She also took the opportunity to send an important message. “We cannot lose faith when we want to make our dreams come true and we also cannot forget to help other children fulfill their desires, because no one walks alone”, he stressed.

For his part, Lino Freitas Dário, the REMAR monitor who accompanied the children on their visit to ZAP Cinemas, commented that “Moments like this mean a lot to children, because they help their education and inclusion. Gestures like this that ZAP Cinemas had with us rekindle the hope of a different future for these girls and boys”.

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The person in charge also urged other companies to pay special attention to children and provide them with different and educational moments outside the home.

REMAR is a non-governmental organization founded 40 years ago in Spain, present in 74 countries, including Angola. It provides educational programs for children and health programs for people struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, giving them the opportunity to become useful people in society.

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