11 healthy desserts for this Christmas, easy and with only three ingredients

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2023-12-09 13:00:42

Yes for this one Christmas You don’t want to stop honoring your family and friends with truly tasty but at the same time nutritious dishes, we leave you 11 healthy, easy dessert recipes with only three ingredients that you can prepare at home.

How to achieve healthy and easy dishes

Comer tasty and healthy is not contradictory and on the contrary, it can be truly beneficial for our diet prepare dishes with our own hands without it implying spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

To achieve this, we only have to use fresh and seasonal ingredients as much as possible, as well as avoid free or added sugars in our desserts and on the contrary sweeten with naturally sweet foods but at the same time provide fiber, vitamins, minerals and other quality nutrients.

The best recipes for healthy desserts with only three ingredients

If you are not a cooking lover, this selection of healthy desserts but with only three ingredients It cannot go unnoticed, and it will surely help a lot to shorten times this Christmas:

These are 11 recipes for healthy desserts, ideal for this Christmas, easy and with only three ingredients, that they won’t let you down.

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