The Baghdad Municipality holds a conference to answer inquiries from companies wishing to implement the New Sadr City project

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2023-12-09 09:24:18

December 9, 2023

Baghdad / Obelisk Event: The Baghdad Municipality held a technical conference to answer the inquiries of companies wishing to apply for the implementation of infrastructure contracting for the New Sadr City project, in implementation of the directives of the Prime Minister.

A statement by the secretariat stated, “The conference was attended by 22 specialized international and local companies, along with the general directors of the Design Department, the Relations and Media Directorate, the Real Estate Department, and a number of specialized engineers in the Baghdad Municipality.”

He pointed out that “there is great interest paid by the government, led by Prime Minister Engineer Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani, in the New Sadr City project because of its great importance. It represents an integrated, sustainable city that will create a qualitative shift in the areas east of the canal, address slums, and be part of the housing crisis in the city.”

He added, “The Mayor of Baghdad, Engineer Ammar Musa Kazem, directed the departments of the Municipality of Baghdad, especially the Design Department, to cooperate with the consulting company contracted with it and other departments concerned with preparing all requirements for project implementation and opening the door for submission (pre-qualification announcement) for companies wishing to implement infrastructure contracting for the project as a first stage.”

He continued, “After announcing the pre-qualification (declaration of desire) and opening the door for applications for specialized companies to implement infrastructure projects for New Sadr City, a technical conference was held to answer the inquiries of companies wishing to apply for the project, and they were given a deadline until the 19th of the current month of December to submit their original papers and official offers to be completed.” Then, bids are opened for companies that meet the required conditions, and then referral and implementation are made.”

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He stated, “The New Sadr City project is one of the important sites with an area of ​​4,000 dunams, and there is a specialized consulting company working with the Design Department of the Baghdad Municipality to prepare designs related to infrastructure and the residential city in an integrated manner.”

He pointed out that “the calls for implementation in the first phase include infrastructure, and then will be followed by the second phase, which includes the implementation of housing units.”

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