13-year-old Australian girl tortured by peers after being invited to fake party – News

13-year-old Australian girl tortured by peers after being invited to fake party – News

Kirra Hart, 13, was invited by her classmates to a party in March, but when she arrived at the address in Sunshine Coast, Australia, she didn’t find what she expected.

There were only three other girls in the house, who locked the door as soon as the victim entered and began torturing her. The other teenagers were between 12 and 15 years old, and no guardian was in the residence.

The motivation for the crime is still unknown, since the aggressors, until then, were pretending to be friends of the victim. Kirra’s mother told the Australian Courier Mail that her daughter had met the group two weeks ago.

For more than five hours, the victim was subjected to a real torture session, which included being burned, humiliated, tied and trampled, in addition to being cut with knives and pieces of glass. All the action, which took place on the 15th, was recorded by one of the guests, and the images leaked on the networks recently, shocking the internet.

After the attack, one of those involved accompanied Kirra home, instructing the girl to lie about what had happened, otherwise they would kill the young woman along with her entire family.

When she arrived, the victim and the suspect lied to the Harts, claiming that Kirra had suffered a violent robbery attempt, but that “luckily” her friends were there and helped her. The girl’s mother was suspicious of the version, and managed to extract the truth from her daughter later.

“In addition to the bruises, two black eyes, a fractured wrist and a swollen face, she was stabbed in the knee and narrowly missed a tendon,” her mother reported to the local newspaper.

Now, the Hart family is in hiding while investigations take place, for privacy and security. On her Instagram profile, Kirra posts the names and faces of her attackers, calling for justice.

Accounts with the name “Justice for Kirra Hart” (justice for Kirra Hart) are appearing on the networks, in addition to hashtags and trends on the subject. In a recent video posted on TikTok, the victim appears recovered from her injuries, but guarantees that she will never forget what happened.


I got tortured for hours by 3 girls, i got bottles smashed on my head, stuff thrown at me, drinks pored on me, stomped on, punched,stabbed, tied up all because they wanted some fun

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