188th Oktoberfest: Munich police operation draws positive conclusions | Regional

188th Oktoberfest: Munich police operation draws positive conclusions |  Regional

2023-10-03 15:00:27

Munich – The police draw a satisfied conclusion after 18 days of Oktoberfest!

Despite two additional days of Oktoberfest compared to 2019 (16 days), there were fewer physical injuries with beer mugs, “fewer arrests of unruly and alcoholic people” and a decrease in recorded pickpocketing. On the other hand, the number of violations identified under the Narcotics Act increased significantly.

Around 600 police officers were deployed to ensure the safety of the millions of guests. A total of 1,854 operations were processed, with the last Saturday of the Oktoberfest being the busiest with 207 police operations, according to the police press office.

Assault and sexual offenses

A total of 268 assault offenses were reported. This corresponds approximately to the value in 2022. In 29 cases of dangerous bodily harm, a beer mug was used as a means of murder. (2019: 32).

When it comes to sexual crimes, the police have found that Oktoberfest-goers are becoming more and more aware and more willing to report them. This resulted in an increased number of reports of sexual harassment and insults. A total of 73 offenses had to be registered (2019: 47, 2022: 58). Six of these cases are being investigated for rape (2019: two, 2022: four).

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The total number of crimes rose slightly to 1,093 reports, with drug violations increasing by 80 percent. Fortunately, alcohol-related traffic accidents fell by almost 15 percent and towings by 20 percent. The Munich police would like to thank the festival visitors for the peaceful atmosphere and the residents for their understanding given the necessary security measures.

Video surveillance with 54 cameras once again proved helpful. The number of rental e-scooters rose to around 18,000, with 219 drunk driving cases on e-scooters being recorded. The Munich police would like to thank you for the peaceful atmosphere and the many beautiful moments at the largest folk festival in the world.

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