27-year-old Yelena Gerenberg is the one murdered in Rehovot

Yelena Gerenberg, 27 years old from Rishon Lezion, is the murdered woman whose body was found this morning (Thursday) near Rehovot. The suspect in the murder, 29 years old from Bat Yam, tried to end his life by swallowing pills just before he was arrested, and was taken to Assaf Harofeh Hospital in serious condition. As published today in the evening news at Khan 11, the suspect recently threatened Yelena several times that if she ended their relationship he would commit suicide. It was also reported that they were not spouses, but close friends, but the suspect was in love with her and very obsessed with her.

Although he remained silent, at the beginning of his investigation findings were found that unequivocally link him to the murder. His detention was due to be extended tomorrow, but it will be postponed after his condition improves following his attempt to end his life. Findings were found in the suspect’s house that connected him to the murder, and the vehicle in which the act was allegedly committed was also located near his house. Yelena’s body was found this morning lifeless in an orchard near the city of Rehovot with stab marks on it.

The murdered woman’s sister told news here: “He was frustrated because he loved her and she didn’t want to be his partner. He knows our whole family. He was frustrated that she didn’t respond to his advances.” About his suicide attempt, the nurse said: “He deserves to be tried and rot in prison, he doesn’t deserve to die easily. He took the only nurse I had, our life was ruined.”


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