4 myths about blonde hair that you need to know

4 myths about blonde hair that you need to know

2023-09-30 17:30:53

Blonde hair is surrounded by myths and truths Disclosure/Unsplash Blonde hair is beautiful, but it is also surrounded by many myths and truths. In the video below, offered by Tío Nacho Brasil, 4 points are demystified. Check it out: See this photo on Instagram A post shared by Portal R7 (@portalr7) About Tío NachoTío Nacho is a very traditional brand that, in the beginning, only produced a natural soap with dermatological benefits. When Genomma Lab decided to buy the brand, it was decided to maintain the strategy of offering products with natural ingredients. To achieve this, Genomma Lab searched for active ingredients in nature and concluded that Royal Jelly would be the most nutritious and important ingredient to guarantee the quality of our formulations and products. In this way, Royal Jelly became the base ingredient for all of the brand’s product lines. After delving deeper into the development of formulations with natural ingredients, the company decided to evolve its strategy and became committed to caring for the planet. Today, its products are sold in 100% recycled and recyclable bottles, neutralizing carbon emissions with projects to encourage clean energy and reforestation. Offer: Tío Nacho
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