700 lifers released in good faith

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Chennai: Five lifers are being released in Tamil Nadu on good faith and humanitarian grounds. The Government of Tamil Nadu has formally issued concessions to those serving long prison terms, reducing the sentence and releasing them earlier. The 113th birthday of the late former Chief Minister Annathurai was celebrated on Sept. 15.

On the eve of his birthday, the government will take steps to reduce the sentence of 700 life-sentenced prisoners on long-term imprisonment and release them earlier, in good faith and on humanitarian grounds. On Sept. 13, Chief Minister Stalin announced in the legislature that a decree to this effect would be issued soon.


Based on this, the government has issued guidelines to reduce the sentence of life-sentenced prisoners and pave the way for their release.
Its details:
* Rules for release are issued under Article 161 of the Constitution of India

* As of Sept. 15 this year, those serving 10 years in prison, especially those sentenced to death by a court and reduced to life imprisonment by the Court of Appeal, may be released earlier, subject to certain restrictions.

* Rape, fraud, embezzlement, robbery, terrorist offenses, crime against the state, crime of attempting to escape from prison, counterfeiting, crime against women, dowry death, economic crimes, smuggling, kidnapping.
Abuse of power, sale of poisonous liquor, persistent offenses related to forestry, murder of more than one person, life imprisonment, involvement in caste and religious violence, ineligible for early release

* Similarly, those convicted under the Anti-Corruption Act and the Anti-Drugs Act, as well as those with other cases pending, should not be released earlier.

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* Apart from this, those who have completed 20 years of imprisonment can also be released earlier under the same restrictions. For those who are so released, an appropriate affidavit must be purchased

* Early release does not constitute the right of life-sentenced prisoners

* Only those who are subject to government regulations should be released in advance. This offer should not be extended

* As per the rules, early release should be reviewed at the state level by a team comprising the DGP, or the head of the prison, the DIG at the head of the prison, among others. Prior to that, a committee headed by the Central Prison Superintendent at the district level must inspect and approve

* At the zonal level, officials, including the Zonal Prisons DIG, should review the recommendations of the district level committee and send the list of eligible candidates to the state level committee.
Finally, the DGP, or Prisons Department DGP, must make a decision in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations in each case and send it to the State for recommendation.
Thus stated in the Government.

99 people in Coimbatore!

Coimbatore Central Jail holds more than 1,900 inmates on trial; There are more than 40 female prisoners. 99 prisoners are to be released on the special offer of the Government of Tamil Nadu. According to Coimbatore Central Jail officials, there are 132 inmates in Coimbatore Central Jail who have completed 5 years of imprisonment. ‘If they are released, 99 prisoners whose lives would not be in danger have been identified as eligible for release. Work is underway to release them as per the government order.

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