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We took Corona very seriously in the film business right from the start – not only our teams in front of and behind the camera had to be protected, but also all of our employees in the offices.

Now Corona caught me three weeks ago – four days before my doctor’s appointment for the booster vaccination.

I was vaccinated twice. The course was critical, for ten days the fever was just below 40 degrees. You buy a finger clip to measure oxygen and you probably only got away with the hospital because the Potsdam family doctor (who has recovered herself) comes to visit you.

Even such a moderately difficult course is exhausting. The thoughts in the strict isolation revolve around all the people who have had an even harder time. The entire martyrdom that nursing staff and doctors have to face together with their patients can be felt in outlines.

Political corona debates appear completely absurd during sick leave – election campaigns and corona do not get along. Speaking bitter truth should be a cornerstone of political morality here, little of which is felt at the moment. All the absurd discussions about vaccinations, the hatred in the social networks towards artists who speak out clearly in favor of vaccinations – all of this is put into perspective in the self-experience of this disease.

One remains irritated. Breakthrough in vaccination despite double dose of Biontech. Now also – as friends of my doctors tell me – vaccination breakthroughs even with triple vaccinations.

Were we too naive? Was I too sure about my own protection with the vaccination? Do you feel, in a dangerous way, seemingly immune and plunge into the chaos of life as if there were no threats?

Foto: German Select/Getty Images

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Nico Hofmann’s most important works include: “Our mothers, our fathers” (2013) and “The boy must get some fresh air” (2018). He is currently working on the film adaptation of the life of the magician duo Siegfried and RoyFoto: German Select/Getty Images

I suspect it was this false wish that everything should be as it was before and Corona just no longer among us. But it was precisely this carelessness in thinking that made me infectious.

At the moment, it seems all the more important to me to be circumspect and solidarity. This is where my understanding of many (very German) debates ends.

It’s five past twelve, politicians have now recognized that too. It depends on our own attitude towards our fellow human beings, how we want to live and survive the next few weeks.

Hofmann mit den Film-Stars Anna Loos (51), Iris Berben (71), Hannelore Elsner (†76), Veronica Ferres (56), Maria Furtwängler (55) und Bettina Zimmermann (46, v. l.) im Dezember 2009 bei seinem 50. GebPhoto: imago images / Tinkeres

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Hofmann with the film stars Anna Loos (51), Iris Berben (71), Hannelore Elsner († 76), Veronica Ferres (56), Maria Furtwängler (55) and Bettina Zimmermann (46, from left) in December 2009 at his 50th birthday Birthday in BerlinPhoto: imago images / Tinkeres


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