A Julis resident built a ‘central station’ in the locality: “The council does not

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Osama Nabuani, a resident of Julis, decided to act on his own to upgrade the bus stop on the spot. After last week he posted a Facebook post complaining that “the station is small, not suitable for the amount of people, not ready for rainy days and does not protect from the summer sun”, he stated that – “If the council does not, I will – and there will be a proper station here”, yesterday he Uploaded another post showing the desired station he built. The initiative and the posts gained momentum online, however among the local council it provoked controversy.

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Assaf Zagrizak

“If the council does not – I will.” Prophetic

(Photo: Osama Nabuani)

“This is one of four stations in Julis for an external transport line,” Nabuani wrote last week. And at Julis Central Station there are a lot of people – soldiers, security forces, students, students, the elderly, women … a lot of people who have to leave the community and do not have a private car, one of them is my son, who drives to his school in Haifa every morning.

“The station is small, not adapted to the amount of people in it, not ready for rainy days, not protective from the sun in summer,” he continued, And then go a whole day with wet socks, in old age that need to hold two baskets and an umbrella, that will take everyone into account, and build a proper station as needed. I heard some promises, and especially ‘scribbles’. I want my son, and other soldiers and students, to get wet in the rain that is about to return in the coming days.

“So if the council does not, I will,” he declared, “I inform everyone, and you in the council as well – today in a week there will be a proper bus stop here, which respects everyone who uses it. Either you will build it, or I will. The sequel will come.” .

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Assaf ZagrizakAssaf Zagrizak

The “station” in Julis. Council: We will not agree to the invasion

(Photo: Osama Nabuani)

“The state talks about public transport, but no one invests in a normal wait, so all the children are just waiting to get a driver’s license. Too bad, instead of giving a pleasant and respectful service. A student who gets up so early in the morning and embarks on a 12-hour journey, including travel and school, To wait at such stations “

Indeed, yesterday a prophet published a post with a picture of a station he had set up at the place himself. “Six days have passed since then, the local authority has not responded,” he wrote. “The station that was there will provide a solution for the passengers of the bus during the rainy winter days, one of whom is known to be my son.”

He also noted that many volunteered to help, each in his area of ​​expertise – painting, welding, sealing, cutting wood and more, and added: “And the message? Passivity and ‘risk-taking’ will not change reality.” Initiative and taking responsibility – yes. It doesn’t have to work that way, a citizen doesn’t have to set up a bus stop, but sometimes it’s just the least bad option. ”

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Assaf ZagrizakAssaf Zagrizak

“A student gets up at 5 in the morning and embarks on a 12-hour journey”

(Photo: Osama Nabuani)

The creative initiative that has garnered hundreds of Facebook shares has been met with skepticism by the council. Julis claims that the station was placed on a place designated for lowering the ramp of buses for people with disabilities using wheelchairs, and that the station has regulations set by the Ministry of Transportation regarding the structure, accessibility for people with disabilities and also the roof.

However, the condition of bus stops in Israel and especially in the periphery is dismal. Many stations are placed without a roof, without a seat, and in a way that does not respect public transport users who are forced to get wet on rainy days or To be saved in the days of Sharb. In Gush Dan, the installation of more suitable stations began as part of a “fast to the city” project to pave a network of public transportation routes, but in other cities and even more so in Arab localities, the situation is worse. Although the government has added budgets to improve public transportation in Arab society, it will take years to complete – and the approved budget will probably not be enough to address all the shortcomings and delays.

Nabuani, who set up the station, told Ynet that line 284 only runs every hour from Julis to Haifa, even though it transports students, workers, and people who need to get to the city every morning. “These are kids who wake up at 5:30 in the morning, and fly them to the only station there is,” he explained. The Ministry of Transportation station is at the entrance to the village – where everyone gathers. Including my son who is studying in Haifa. “

He went on to criticize: “The state talks about public transport, but no one invests in normal waiting, so all the children are just waiting to get a driver’s license and drive, which is a shame – instead of giving a pleasant and respectful service. A student who gets up so early in the morning “That includes travel and studies, you don’t have to wait at such stations. That’s why we decided to build a wooden station.”

On the council’s claims, Nabuani said the station does not harm people with disabilities because there is still a marked place for it. “You can move the station a bit if it interferes, but I expect that instead of awkwardness and lamentation – that the council will bless. This is considered an invasion?

The local council Julis said: “Our pastoral and beautiful village is in the midst of a development that has not been seen for decades. Today it is considered one of the strongest and best managed localities. The public transport issue is handled in the village by the local council and Ministry of Transport. And soon many more stations will be installed that are in the process of being approved by the Ministry of Transportation, after extensive work has been done to widen roads in the locality and in many centers.

“Despite the resident’s initiative, and although the council encourages a voluntary spirit among the community, the local authority cannot agree to invade public areas while harming the community and the safety of public transport users,” it added. “The accessibility markings of the existing station, and it prevents the disabled public from using public transportation, and therefore it will be removed from the site. As soon as the need arises to expand the existing station, the council will do so for the benefit of the residents.”


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