A performance of Israeli songs from all time: the beloved singer Hani Tal will perform with her band in Ashdod South here

This Friday at 12:30 in the D District shopping center, the beloved singer Hani Tal – the lead singer of the band “Unison”, an indie rock band from Ashdod, will perform, together with the members of the band. The show will include Israeli songs of all time, and songs as a tribute to Zvika Pick, the creator who passed away this week.

The band “Unison” receives warm reactions and is very loved by the audience in its performances. These days Hani and the band members are working on the songs for their second album. At the same time, Hani is a partner in the production of another album with a creator in the field of electronic music.

Ronnie the Runyan. Photo: George I. Gherson

In the upcoming show at Center D, she will perform together with band members Ronan Harunian – on the guitar, and Yair Ben Simon – on the drums. As mentioned, the show will take place this Friday – 19.8 at 12:30 and the entrance is free.

The drummer Yair Ben Simon.  Photo: Mauricio Jimenez

The drummer Yair Ben Simon. Photo: Mauricio Jimenez

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