“About 16% of our animators are missing, or a hundred people”, worries the UFCV

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“About 16% of our animators are missing, or a hundred people”, worries the UFCV

No cancellation of summer camps in sight for the moment, according to the organizer. But he recognizes “a risk on stays for people with disabilities”.

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Posted on 5/24/2022 12:31 PM

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“Recruitment for this summer remains a concern. We are missing around 16% of our facilitators, or around a hundred people”, indicates Laurent Bruni, general manager of the UFCV, organizer of summer camps, Tuesday, May 24 on franceinfo. One month before the start of the summer season, the situation “is not yet alarming but it is getting tense”he adds while there is, at the same time, “a clear improvement in registrations compared to previous years”.

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“There are several reasons” recruitment difficulties, starting with the fact that “For the past ten years, we have been training less at the BAFA [Brevet d’aptitude aux fonctions d’animateur]”, explains the director general of the UFCV, in particular since the last two years marked by the Covid-19. According to his figures, there are between 15,000 and 17,000 young people who have not been able to receive training over the past two years. Furthermore, the cost of the BAFA represents a “investment”between 500 and 900 euros to participate in this training and “aid systems are not necessarily known to young people and their families”.

“There is also a question of remuneration”, acknowledges Laurent Bruni. “It’s more compensation than remuneration, it corresponds to a commitment, there is volunteering, it’s an experience for young people to whom we entrust responsibilities”, he justifies.

No cancellation of holiday camps on the horizon for the moment, but according to Laurent Bruni, “there is a risk on stays for people with disabilities”. “Recruitment is much more complicated, as is the case in the whole sector of social bond professions and in extracurricular”says the general manager of the UFCV. “It’s the whole sector that is impacted”, he concludes.

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