“Actually, I slept in the fetal position for half a year” – Zoltán Herczeg is treated by masseur after prison

“Actually, I slept in the fetal position for half a year” – Zoltán Herczeg is treated by masseur after prison

2023-05-30 20:09:03

The length of the prison bunk was ten centimeters shorter than the fashion designer’s height.

to Zoltán Herczeg and another man were raided by the detectives in October of last year, they were arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking. After half a year, they were released from behind bars in April of this year, until August 20 they were put under criminal surveillance, i.e. under house arrest. At the beginning of May, the fashion designer Focusspoke for the first time about his time in prison, and that he believes that all this would not have happened to him if he “hadn’t stepped on the chicken eye of the authorities”.

Herczeg now for Blikk he told me about how in prison he had to pull himself up on a bed much shorter than his own body height, which was a serious ordeal for his spine.

I actually slept in the fetal position for half a year, since the bed was only 180 centimeters long, which is ten centimeters shorter than me. Because of this, I tried in vain to position myself, I always hit a part of my body somewhere, so I ended up in the fetal position, which took a lot of strain on my back and shoulders. Added to this was the hard prison training, which I did much more intensively indoors than before outside.

he explained to the paper.

My bed at home is two meters by two meters, but even then I lie on it all the time, but I obviously didn’t have the opportunity to do that in prison. And after half a year, you can feel it if you spend long hours every day in the same curled-up position.

The fashion designer added that he himself was surprised by how many people tried to help him since his release, two masseurs have already visited him, and several people also send him food.

They also send me all kinds of goodies, which is incredibly good after the prison food. Many people have indicated that they recommend a professional masseuse and two have already visited me, the treatment has already helped my back a lot. But I also contacted a chiropractor because I might need a more drastic intervention

– said Herczeg, who believes that the healing water could also help her condition a lot, but she currently has no opportunity to visit a spa, as she can only leave her home once a week for two hours to go shopping or run errands.

As for his mental state, he feels that the time spent behind bars has not affected him, and since he paid a lot of attention to his mental health in the past, he also managed to process the numerous extensions of his detention there.

When detention is extended, a prison psychologist usually visits the prisoner to determine whether he is overbearing. I was quite strong mentally, but unfortunately not everyone was like that. There may have been several suicide attempts, the news of which could inevitably reach the other inmates, since the inside is a closed world. The black smoke coming out of the cell when someone tried to set his mattress on fire is quite noticeable, as is the cleaners washing blood off the wall because someone tried to cut his veins. The conversations with the psychologist really only confirmed that I am moving in the right direction in working with myself

he added.

By the way, Herczeg is writing a novel about his months in prison and how he ended up behind bars. They work on the book together with their partner, Mariannalwho waited for him after he went to prison.

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