After the destruction of the outposts in Benjamin, the families demonstrated outside the Knesset

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The four families whose homes were destroyed this morning in the Geulat Zion and Ramat Migron hills in Binyamin came to demonstrate tonight against the destruction campaign outside the Knesset. The families carried protest signs calling on Prime Minister Bennett and Knesset members from the right-wing coalition parties to stop the damage to the settlement.

A number of Knesset members went to the families, including Miki Zohar, Yitzhak Pindros, Orit Struck, Itamar Ben Gvir and Shlomo Karai, who wanted to strengthen the residents and sharply condemned the destruction. Noa, one of the women who was evacuated this morning, told Knesset members: “We woke up early in the morning when hundreds of policemen surrounded the house, brutally knocked on the door and told us to leave immediately – and no, we will be arrested.”

“We asked them for a few minutes to get organized, but they were not willing to listen.
We were thrown out of the house without even being able to take care of the girl.
Within minutes the house with a lot of my personal belongings was smashed to pieces. “

Residents expressed concern to Knesset members that the destruction of the four family homes this morning is just the beginning of a wave of evictions and demolitions in the young settlement the government intends to carry out in the coming weeks.

MK Mickey Zohar attacked the destruction: “We thought settlement would not be harmed as a result of the formation of this government, and the opposite seems to be happening. We expected Naftali Bennett, the man of the great right, to do the job in everything related to the Land of Israel, it turns out that it does not interest him. Instead of wanting Meretz and the Labor Party, and Mansour Abbas and the Islamic Movement, let’s want the people of Greater Israel. Let’s want the good Jews that all they want to do is settle the Land of Israel. “

MK Yitzhak Pindros: “This bluff and lie that seems to take care of law and order, is not seen in the Negev, in the Bedouin invasions, not in the north, in the invasions of the villages. You do not see them not in the C territories of Judea and Samaria and certainly not in the territories of B and A, where they do whatever they please. Where are they found? “With four Jewish families in the area guarding the hills.”

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MK Ben Gvir said: “I came here to strengthen the heroes and heroines who are here and settle the Land of Israel.
It is not possible that while they are being cruel to them, who are behaving towards them in the way of judging the mountain, with zero tolerance, the same police in the Negev allow a violation of the law of thousands upon thousands. “And this is the same coalition government that is now going to provide electricity, not for the sake of the Jews who settle the Land of Israel, but for those who harm us and want our evil.”

MK Shlomo Qarai spoke with the families and said: “It was during this period of Hanukkah that we know the reaction of Shimon the Hasmonean – we did not take foreign land or foreign property of our own. The electricity plugs tens of thousands of homes of a people who do not want to see us here, and destroy homes of Jews in the Land of Israel.

With God’s help you will not despair, and you will continue the struggle despite all the difficulty and with God’s help when we return soon we will do everything to settle and build. They will demolish a house and we will build settlements. “

Chairman of the Eretz Israel Lobby, MK Orit Struck:
There is no doubt that in recent weeks we have witnessed a really obsessive approach to the destruction of Jewish outposts in Judea and Samaria, both the end of the evacuations and the inhuman treatment of families is reminiscent of dark days that were our lot many years ago.
This coincides with a severe deterioration in the absence of treatment of the Arab takeover of the territory, as required by the coalition agreements.
Apparently the defense minister is making every effort to keep his promises to Meretz MKs, as opposed to zero effort to keep what he promised in the coalition agreements with new and right hope

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