Airtel Prepaid Plans Price Hikes Again | Prices of Airtel prepaid plans rise again

Airtel Prepaid Plans Price Hikes Again |  Prices of Airtel prepaid plans rise again

Last year, telecom companies like Vodafone Idea, Reliance Jio and Airtel raised the prices of their prepaid plans slightly. Customers have been hit hard, with Airtel reportedly raising the price of its prepaid plans again this year. This information has been confirmed by the CEO of the company Gopal Vittal. This method will cost an average of Rs.200 per user.

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Airtel is not satisfied with the base price of the telecom regulator for 5G, according to company executive Vittal. The company wanted to reduce the price significantly, he said, adding that although the price was reduced accordingly it was not enough and it was a disappointment to the company. Last year all three privately owned telecom operators raised their recharge plan prices by almost 18 to 25 percent.

The 5G reverse price did not satisfy the telecom operators and the companies insisted that the 5G reserve price should be reduced by 90 per cent. The new price hike is only a temporary measure, despite the price hike, with Airtel attracting more 4G users in March (5.24 million, up from 3 million subscribers in November, up from 18 to 25 per cent in November 2021. Airtel was the first company, while Vodafone Idea raised tariffs on its recharge plans by the same amount, while Reliance Jio raised prices by up to 20 per cent last year.

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