An archer who killed five people in Norway could have done so due to illness

The Norwegian police believe that Espen Andersen Braten, who shot five people with a bow, may have done so due to illness. The archer’s lawyer agreed with the preliminary findings of the police, according to the local TV channel TV2. What diagnosis is in question is not specified.

The police are considering several motives for the attack, including revenge and involvement with Islamist groups. However, the investigation considered the hypothesis with the disease “the most probable”. The defendant’s lawyer said he “agrees with the preliminary findings and assessments made by the police.”

The attack took place on the evening of October 13 in Kongsberg. Espen Andersen Braten, a 37-year-old Danish citizen who converted to Islam, staged an archery in a supermarket. The man was arrested, the police called the priority version of the terrorist attack.

More details about the attack – in the material of “Kommersant” “Norwegian Islamism armed with a bow and arrow.”



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