Argentine doctor: Maradona is buried without his heart

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The sign in memory of Diego Maradona (Reuters)

Diego Armando Maradona passed away at the age of 60 on November 25, 2020 in Buenos Aires, but the name of one of the greatest footballers of all time continues to appear on many news sites around the world even almost a year after his death. This time the publications do not focus on his performances on the grass, but on his heart.

The doctor and the journalist Nelson Castro Published a book called ‘Diego’s Health: The True Story’ in which he reveals a number of medical details about the football star. The author of the book was interviewed in Argentina by El Teresa: Maradona was addicted to everything. Unfortunately he was addicted to anything that could destroy a human being. Maradona had a special body in terms of his form of resistance to disease, other people would have died earlier if they had been in his condition. The problem is that he never wanted to recover properly and go through a process in order to recover. “

Diego Maradona (Reuters)Diego Maradona (Reuters)

In an interview Castro was asked about the 1986 world champion’s heart: “There was a group of people who planned to steal Maradona’s heart, but recognized it was going to happen and prevented it. In any case his heart was taken out to interrogate him because his heart was very important in determining the cause of death. Maradona “Buried without a heart. Maradona’s heart weighed a pound, it was a very large heart. A heart usually weighs 300 grams. Such an athlete’s organ usually weighs more, but the heart failure he had probably also contributed to the weight.”


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