AstraZeneca vaccine, in Italy the second dose can always be done with the same product. After the EMA assessments on the link between the vaccine and rare thrombosis, the news is contained in the circular with which the Ministry of Health updates the recommendations on the Oxford vaccine, whose use is now preferential in the over 60s of our country.

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“Reiterating that the Vaxzevria vaccine is approved from 18 years of age, based on current evidence, taking into account the low risk of adverse reactions of the thromboembolic type in the face of the high mortality from Covid-19 in the older age groups, we represents – reads the circular – that its preferential use is recommended in people over 60 years of age“. The document, signed by the general director of Prevention Gianni Rezza, also confirms that,” by virtue of the data available to date, those who have already received a first dose of the Vaxzevria vaccine can complete the vaccination cycle with the same vaccine “.

Ema, AstraZeneca and vaccination plan in Italy

After the evaluations of Ema that considered possible a link between the AstraZeneca vaccine and very rare cases of thrombosis, the recommendation to over 60s therefore changes the vaccination plan in Italy. “The position decided by the minister” Speranza “after a comparison is to recommend a preferential use in subjects over 60 years of age. At the moment there are no elements not to consider the administration of AstraZeneca in those who have received the first dose of this vaccine, “said Professor Franco Locatelli, coordinator of the CTS and president of the Higher Health Council.

The EMA, while recognizing a possible link between exceptional cases of thrombosis and the Anglo-Swedish vaccine, had not decided to advise against administration by gender or age group, since the overall benefits of the vaccine in the prevention of Covid-19 exceed the risks of side effects “, leaving the decision on the use of the vaccine to the individual states.

“The assessment made by the EMA Pharmacovigilance Committee is that the causal link, although not definitively proven, has been declared plausible,” said Locatelli. “The mechanism underlying the development of these phenomena today is not definitively clarified. There are hypotheses that suggest reactions of the immune system. These phenomena are very rare, the observed events were higher than expected until the age of 60. but lower than expected in subjects over 60 years of age. Most of these thrombotic events occurred in the first 14 days after vaccine administration and were observed only after the first administration. The number of second doses administered is too limited to come to firm conclusions, “he says.

The decision risks derailing the vaccination plan. The new recommendation, however, “shouldn’t affect that much: in fact it is an incentive to vaccinate more people over 60”, government sources point out to Premier Mario Draghi, the well-informed assure, is determined to hit the target of 500 thousand doses per day by the end of April. The vaccination plan will need to be reshaped, but it will be so as not to be slowed down, it is the message of trust that bounces back. Commissioner Francesco Paolo Figliuolo makes it clear: the recommendation on AstraZeneca will have no impact on the vaccination plan. From today, the doses of the Anglo-Swedish vaccine will go to the 60 to 79 age range.

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