Austria in lockdown again from midnight

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The whole of Austria will be in lockdown again from Monday – exit restrictions will apply to all citizens again from midnight. You are only allowed to leave your own living area for the exceptions known from the earlier pandemic phases. All retail apart from the basic suppliers must close, restaurants and hotels are also closed. An FFP2 mask is required in all closed indoor areas. The well-known two-meter distance also applies again.

You are only allowed to leave your own living area for known reasons, for example to avert danger, to go to work or school, to supply basic goods for daily life, to go to the doctor or for vaccination or testing, to ” Exercise of family duties “as well as for physical and mental recovery.

Since the entire trade outside of the basic suppliers closes, only the grocery stores, pharmacies, drugstores, petrol stations, banks, postal service providers as well as tobacconists and newspaper kiosks remain open. The “body-hugging” service providers such as hairdressers or beauticians must also block. The entire leisure sector is also affected by the lockdown. Hotels and restaurants are also closed, and the collection and delivery of food is permitted. Theaters, concert halls, cinemas, museums and libraries are also closing their doors.

The 3G rule still applies in the workplace. A minimum distance of two meters must be maintained between people who do not live in the same household in all public places, but also at work, for example. In all closed indoor areas (apart from private areas) an FFP2 mask is required – also at the workplace, unless structural safety measures are in place.

The schools generally remain open. There are plans for “face-to-face tuition for all those who need it”. There is, however, an appeal from the federal government and the governors to look after students at home “wherever possible”.

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The lockdown is planned for everyone across Austria by December 12th, in Upper Austria by December 17th. According to this, the exit restrictions for unvaccinated people should continue to apply, but no deadline has yet been given.

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