Because of Tajin Catering: You no longer have to lug around the country with a canned suitcase

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The catering company Dayyen From home Casablanca Queue Lines, Received this week a fancy kosher glat part of Training organization WHERE Under the supervision of the rabbi Shneur Zalman Profit.

From now on, tourists who adhere to elegant kosher food will be able to eat and enjoy the best of Moroccan and Israeli food throughout the country.

Casablanca Tour Lines It is the first to bring the elegant kashrut to Morocco. Apart from kosher matters, the company specializes in operating and producing kosher tourism for observant and kosher, it knows in Morocco every attraction that can be done – and there is everything in Morocco: from a camel ride in the beautiful desert alongside a mesmerizing sunrise to monkey and snake shows.

Yehuda Azrad, The owner brought the elegant kashrut to the country and the opening of the new catering, is a required step in the preparation there.

“I felt that my mission was to bring the elegant kosher to Morocco so that tourists who adhere to good kosher, would not have to lug around the country with canned suitcases and kabanos, thus missing out on the local culinary pleasure that gives a feeling of home.”

Until he got to know Morocco closely, Azrad was in a constant search for his identity and for 7 years now Morocco has been his second home. “It is important to me to give the traveler comfort and a feeling of home and to take care of everything he needs from luxury hotels to a kosher meal in the middle of the Sahara desert.”

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The company has been in existence for seven years during which entire planes arrived with kosher tourists, who came to enjoy the beauty of the Maghreb country, groups and individuals. No wonder its nickname is “Concierge of Morocco” and in fact, everything the company needs will be there for you.

“When you land in Morocco for the first time, there is always such a moment that it feels like you have reached the end of the world. The language, the slums, but as soon as you meet people, you get a warm and surprising hug when the local recognizes you as a Jew. “Beyond the vast desert landscapes and breathtaking beaches, Morocco has a lot of Jewish history, it has roots.”

Morocco is known for authentic party nights Almost every evening we have a party as Lines accompanied by a local band with Moroccan food on the table, a party with singers and local food is a key part of us. “Moroccans are people who love Jews, the security of Jewish tourists is felt there, it is important for them to maintain good relations with the Jews.”

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