Bennett surrenders: Israel announced to the United States that it would stop construction for ultra-Orthodox people in Atarot

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A day after the construction permit was approved by the local committee of the Jerusalem Municipality, Israel has already hastened to make it clear to the Biden administration in the United States that they will not promote the construction of the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in Atarot.

Israel has sent a message to the Biden administration in the United States that they will not advance the construction plan approved only yesterday by the Jerusalem Municipality’s Planning and Construction Committee, to establish a neighborhood in Atarot for the ultra-Orthodox sector, political correspondent Barak Ravid reports tonight (Walla! On behalf of a senior Israeli official.

According to the report, Israel clarified to the United States a few days ago that the government has no control over the local committee in the Jerusalem municipality and that the plan will not be promoted by the district committee that is under the control of the government.

Matan Peleg, chairman of the If You Will movement, in response to the publicity about stopping the promotion of the neighborhood in Atarot:

“Jerusalem needs to be strengthened and fortified, every message of weakness is translated into the actual division of the city and the deepening of foreign involvement. Apparently there is no right in this government. Naftali Bennett, political laxity is not an ideology. “Whoever voted for you is ashamed of you today.”

According to the plan approved yesterday, the neighborhood will be built on the abandoned airport in Atarot, on an area of ​​1,243 dunams. Alongside the apartments, commercial areas, hotels and public buildings were allocated.

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