Bennett’s proposal to Putin: This is how we will resolve the tensions between Russia and Ukraine

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In recent months, tensions between Ukraine and Russia have intensified and the two countries have even poured forces into their own border. The world is closely following developments and fears a sharp parade by Russia that will include an invasion of Ukraine by military forces. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett came up with a special idea of ​​how to deal with the political tangle.

According to a report by Barak Ravid on the Walla website, Bennett proposed in his meeting with Putin to hold the Jerusalem summit in Israel. Bennett planned to invite Ukrainian President Zalansky and Russian President to the summit in order to ease tensions between the two countries. It should be noted that this is an idea that was raised in the past by the Russian president, who is on good terms with Israel, and that Netanyahu is also discussing the idea during his time as Israeli prime minister.

Putin invited the Bennett couple to visit the city of St. Petersburg

Recall that last week Bennett spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The conversation was good, during which Prime Minister Bennett congratulated President Putin on the occasion of the new year. The two discussed a number of issues, including regional security issues. In the meantime, they agreed on continued close cooperation in the region. In the global arena.

Against the background of the nuclear talks in Vienna, the Prime Minister stressed the importance of resolutely standing against Iranian progress in the nuclear project. President Putin invited the prime minister and his wife to visit the city of St. Petersburg, following his invitation during the prime minister’s visit to Sochi. The prime minister replied that he and his wife would be happy to pay the visit.

(Bennett Putin meeting).

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