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OBichu Thirumala’s songwriting style was a simple and heartfelt poetic experience in Tavari. In the field of Malayalam music, he was marked by unpretentious and effortless commands. That bitch effect of writing was evident in love, devotion, devotion, tarat, humor, and philosophy. All these songs were originally composed and written with it. Bichuthirumala’s writings can be described as rapid in this field. He put in front of the audience new words and rare words that are not found in any Malayalam dictionary. In storytelling, Bichu’s wording was similar to that of Vaikom Muhammad Basheer in his own wording. Through it all, he reigned supreme in songwriting for three decades.

The poet who wrote that the heart is a temple changed the name of the soldier Chandichankari to Pokkiri Bhagwati. Many of the words in the warrior are local and beyond use. He wrote the song ‘Palanthamizh Pattizhayum’ by deleting Chenthamizh and Muthamizh. The water hyacinth was warm and the Ashwati flowers were fresh. The songs in the movie Karimpana starring Jayan were a copy of the unique life of the palm climbers of South Travancore. Bichu Thirumala’s isolated expressions in the Malayalam lyric genre include kanmadam filled with sugarcane and lahari filled with sugarcane and Akani Kachi Pathaniyaki and Chuttarachcha Chammanthi Kootti Kalathe Kanji Monti.

The memories of my mother bathing her brother in oil with a brother who died prematurely became the song ‘Padeti’ when my child was anointed with oil. Later, many mothers anointed their children with this song. In her nights, Unni would tell a story about someone, Unni would tell a story, someone in color, someone in worship, someone’s mole, someone to pick up the hailstones of Maidir Kuttichathan, and Malayalam songs based on Aesop’s songs based on Aesop’s stories for Tharangini.

In the movie Manasavacha Karmana, it is said that the morning shakes feathers on the Poomara branch, and Pavanara writes. It took a long time for the bitch to write the song for the scene where the grandmother and granddaughter share love in Fazil’s look Kannumnattu. Fazil said that this is what he wanted when he recited his favorite poem, Changampuzha’s Baspanjali. So the song “I am waiting for you with a thousand eyes” was born. In the song “A Silent Journey From Mind to Mind” in the movie The First Wedding, the philosophy that we are more fleeting than water polo was raised within medieval Vazhvin geometry.

All the songs written by Bichuthirumala were liked by the audience. With those songs, he quenched the instincts and lusts of the audience. He took the song and the audience to the shores of Pranayasarovar with G. Devarajan and experienced the divine fragrance of Ashwati flowers and Waka flowers through the song.

Some of the best songs by Bichu Thirumala

Swans in blue water (recognition)
വാകപ്പൂമരം ചൂടു വാരിളംപൂങ്കുലയ്ക്കുള്ളിൽ (അനുഭവം)
Why are you free, dewdrops (hug)
Love Lake
ചെമ്പകം പൂത്തുലഞ്ഞ നീലരാവിൽ (Yesterday Today)
Bharatanatyam of flowers Everywhere trunks Pampamelam (This beautiful beach)
Instinctual cravings and lusts (her nights)
Orbiting the Sun by orbital motions (night and day)
Skirts and tops (market)
Between the eyes and the eyes (market)
Hridayam Devalayam Poyavasantham Niramala Charthum (Street Song)
A song that embraces all seven voices (Chiriyo Chiri)
Forgotten Gold Kinas (Inhariharnagar)
Gulumal (Ramjirao Speaking)
You can tell stories to the wind and the birds (waiting for you on the porch)


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