Bio Honey – jumps over 15%

Bio Honey is working on developing a new process, in parallel with additional processes for the production of “honey without bees”, which will allow increased production of royal jelly protein as a future product;

The company estimates that royal jelly protein may have a high industrial value, as this type of protein has extensive uses in the food, medicine and cosmetics industries;

The Israeli food tech company Bee IO, Which is developing an industrial process for the production of cultured honey – “honey without bees” – filed a preliminary (provisional) patent application in the United States in light of its success in an experiment to express cultured royal jelly protein. The application was submitted for – Major Royal Jelly Production Methods, Systems Compositions and Uses Thereof.

Royal jelly protein is an ingredient in pure honey. It is a food product secreted mostly by the hypo-pharyngeal gland of the honey bee. Queen food plays a key role in the development of young larvae and in the feeding of the adult queen. Royal food consists of water (60% -70%), proteins (12% -15%), sugars (10% -16%), lipids (3% -6%), vitamins and minerals.

The purpose of the method described in the patent application is to develop a new and additional process, in parallel with other processes that Bio Honey promotes to produce “honey without bees”, which will allow increased production of royal jelly as a future product of the company and enable the company to control the protein dose This may, in the company’s estimation, be of high industrial value, since royal jelly protein has extensive uses per person in the food industry, medicine and cosmetics.

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Studies attribute to royal jelly protein a wide range of pharmacological activities in human medicine such as wound healing, antibacterial and antifungal activity, reduction of cholesterol levels, reduction of blood sugar levels, anti-cancer activity, vasodilation, reduction of hypertension and increased activity of the immune system.

Once the application is approved, the requested patent may provide further reinforcement over time to Bio Honey’s intellectual property protections, along with four additional preliminary (provisional) patent applications that have already been filed. These requests, and any additional requests as they are submitted, are part of the Company’s long-term strategic plan to produce a significant technological advantage in its field by preserving its intellectual property.



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