Can a non-formula go in 4th place and die in 7th place? Ajay Jadeja barrage of questions!

The last ODI between India and Australia was played at the Chepauk Stadium in Chennai. In this, Australia, who won the toss and batted first, scored 269 runs losing all wickets in 49 overs. After that, the Indian team, who set a target of 270 runs, lost by 21 runs. Suryakumar Yadav, who batted 4th in 2 consecutive ODIs, was changed to 7th man in this last ODI.

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But former Indian team player Ajay Jadeja has questioned that how can a person who is not in form be fielded as the 7th player. Like always he could have been fielded at number 4. He said: When a player is in form, he can be fielded anywhere. But fielding an out-of-form player in the back-row will raise all sorts of questions and doubts in his mind.

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It will affect the player’s performance when fielding like that. When a player who was playing at number 4 is out of form, dropping him at number 7 is not quite right. The player gets the comfort pill only when he plays in the top order. In that case, Suryakumar would have scored runs if he had been fielded in the top order. There was no pressure in the match at that time. At that point it would have been a chance for him to stand up and return to Audi form. However, he criticized the team management for doing such a bad thing by dropping him to the back row.

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