Chinese tennis player seen at a tennis tournament || Missing Chinese tennis player; Seen in a tennis match

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Missing Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai was spotted at a tennis tournament today.

Record: November 21, 2021 19:39


China’s Peng Zhuai, the world’s No.1 player in the tennis doubles category, posted on Chinese social networking sites on November 2 that Zhang Kaoli, a high-ranking official in the Chinese government, had forced himself into sex.

The Chinese government deleted the post within hours of his posting on social media. The Chinese government has not commented on his allegations.

In this case, the complaint arose that he was missing after that post of his. There is no information about him. He was told that no one had seen or heard of him. This complaint has caused a great stir on the international stage.

The International Olympic Committee has warned China about the incident. In it, Dick Pound, a member of the International Olympic Committee, says the disappearance of a Chinese tennis player has caused a great deal of controversy internationally. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has said it will take “severe action” against China.

The Women’s Tennis Association has called for a proper investigation into the incident. Otherwise, it will stop holding tennis tournaments in China. World No. 1 tennis player Novak Djokovic has expressed his support for their decision.

In this case, the tennis player Peng Suai reported in a recently released video. In the video he stands smiling. The video also shows him autographing children.

In that video, which runs for 37 seconds, Peng Suai stands as one of the queue among some people. In the stadium where Peng Suay is, one says two-time Grand Slam champion, former world No. 1 player in the women’s doubles – Peng Suay. Immediately, Peng shakes hands and laughs, and gets applause from the audience.

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Similarly, the primary reporter for the Global Times has released a 31-second video. In that video, Peng puts an autograph for the kids at a big tennis ball. As well as posing for a photo with the kids.

The UN has called for an inquiry into his death. The council has also called. The Women’s Tennis Federation said it was prepared to lose millions of dollars for him. The White House also expressed regret over the incident.

In this context, the 35-year-old Peng, a former doubles champion at Wimbledon and the French Open, was spotted today at a tennis tournament in Beijing, China. According to Kyoto News, the photos were released by the organizers of the competition.

Similarly, in a new video, Peng is seen having dinner with his friends at a restaurant.

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