Cloud Transformation: Security First. Webinar Relatech martedì 16 marzo ore 10

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The webinar is just a few days away “Cloud Transformation: Security First” to be held Tuesday 16 March at 10 o’clock. Organized by the Relatech Group with Mediatech, a Group company specialized in Cloud and Cybersecurity, in collaboration with the Partner Nutanix, the event will explore the theme of how companies can position themselves in the Cloud with the guarantee of the highest levels of security and aims to deepen strategies and tools for protecting the IT infrastructure of companies through the cloud. To participate you must register at this link

The program

The event program includes the following interventions:

• Nutanix in the Relatech Group ecosystem Silvio Cosoleto – COO, Relatech
• Nutanix technologies at the service of corporate security Laura Roberto – Technical pre-sales, Nutanix
• Innovation journey: from tri-tier to open cloud, Metra’s choice – Marco Zanotti – CTO, Mediatech, Flavio almerares – CTO, Metra

During the event, Silvio Cosoleto, Chief Operating Officer of Relatech, will illustrate the Relatech Group’s offer based on its digital platform and Cloud based RePlatform, a set of technologies, methodologies and skills, through which the company offers innovative services and digital solutions to the market. The platform, founded on the 5 pillars of modern frontier technologies “Digital Enabler“, Is modular and flexible and able to welcome valid technological partners such as Nutanix into its ecosystem.

Marco Zanotti, CTO of Mediatech, will discuss with the customer Meters multinational company, which through Mediatech services has adopted the Nutanix solution, moving from a tri-tier solution to the open cloud.

Interview with Marco Zanotti Co-Founder and CTO Mediatech srl

What will be the dominant theme of the webinar, according to your view of customer needs in terms of security today?

Marco Zanotti

“IT is a complex topic and in recent years, it has undergone an evolutionary acceleration dictated by the need to respond in real time to market demands. To the complexity of integration between heterogeneous environments (private and cloud) are added the aspects related to the protection and security of data, which are increasingly the target of hacker attacks. In the webinar we will touch on different topics and provide some food for thought to help our guests to improve or lay the foundations for their defensive strategy against cyber attacks “.

Webinars are often a little too technical, they seem to be reserved for experts only. What cut will you give to yours?

“Webinars today should carry out work of evangelization, becoming in turn cues for the public to deepen certain issues and to have concrete tools to be able to make informed choices suited to their reality. The Nutanix technology we will talk about is not an end in itself but is part of an ecosystem of strategic and technological choices that companies will have to face in order to continue to be competitive on the market and set out on a path of digital transformation that is now inevitable. The offer of the Relatech Group fits into this context which, through the clud based RePlatform platform, accompanies its customers in defining strategic digitization choices of which the cloud is one of the pillars to ensure reliability, scalability, interoperability and security of the ” corporate infrastructure also allowing a reduction in costs and an optimization of processes while also respecting the aspects related to sustainability (reduction of energy waste).

This is not a technical webinar, dedicated only to specialists but potential participants can be company representatives with various roles because the language will be understandable and will give everyone the opportunity to learn about aspects of the IT world that are now part of the common company language. It wants to illustrate a hypothetical scenario touching sensitive issues for all companies and aims to outline problems and solutions in which the business world can recognize itself. Only a flexible ecosystem allows the company to change direction easily and with maximum dynamism, preserving the investment over the years. The native interaction with the cloud in all its forms (public, hybrid and private) must lay the foundations for a solid, secure and software defined architecture ”.

Cybersecurity e Blockchain

Specifically, Relatech will illustrate how, through the ReSec module of the RePlatform cloud based platform, which exploits the enormous potential of modern Cybersecurity and Blockchain technologies, it is able to guarantee total protection of the entire data management lifecycle (also including Network Security solutions, Remote Backup, Disaster Recovery, Threat Monitoring) and certify critical data and document transactions via Blockchain. Thanks to the ReSec module, Relatech is able to guarantee customers the total security of their devices and IT infrastructure from possible cyber-attacks.

Data protection Strategy: a choice at the cutting edge of technology

The choice to abandon traditional solutions (tri-tier) and embrace the Open Cloud philosophy is a fundamental step that companies must face to protect their IT infrastructure through technologies capable of guaranteeing the highest level of protection even in contexts where the business and organizational models are undergoing profound changes. With traditional and inflexible solutions we are forced to foresee future projects or needs today and very often the activities have to be rescheduled in the light of changed external conditions. As we have had the opportunity to verify during 2020, companies must have the flexibility to adapt quickly to new contexts with a high attention to costs.

The event will take place in virtual mode through the Demio platform. To participate you must register at this link

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