Covid EU, Gozi: “Towards the Macron-Draghi axis”


In Paris there is “undoubtedly” the will to tighten “very much” relations with Rome, building an “axis” between President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Mario Draghi. Axis that was glimpsed yesterday, in the common position on the suspension of the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine, with Rome and Paris ready to resume the injections “a minute later” the verdict of the EMA if, as it seems, it will be positive. He explains it Renew Europe MEP Sandro Gozi, elected in France.

“From Paris – observes Gozi – there is certainly the will to tighten relations between Paris and Rome very much, to build a Macron-Draghi axis”, not only on the Covid issue but in general. An axis “not to exclude or against anyone, but because Europe needs a very strong understanding between France and Italy. possibility of a new European leadership between Macron and Mario Draghi“. Both presidents seem determined to proceed with vaccinations as soon as possible, in the face of a more prudent attitude from Germany by Angela Merkel:” Yes it is “, says Gozi. But he specifies that” in this case in various countries, too in France, the health authorities have formally recommended the suspension of the distribution of the vaccine (by AstraZeneca, ed) to make further checks “.

Therefore, Gozi observes, “it was a bit difficult not to stop the vaccine, when in writing, with formal recommendations, they ask you to do so. But when the Ema, as it seems to give a positive opinion on the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine, it will be possible to resume from Thursday afternoon “.” From the minute after the Ema will give a positive opinion – adds Gozi – since it seems that if we go in this direction, we must certainly start again “.

However, the MEP underlines, “the question is a bit broader and does not concern Macron and Draghi. We need to reflect on whether the way in which we have applied the precautionary principle in Europe and the way in which in Europe we always want zero risk, is the right approach “. “Perhaps – he continues – if on the one hand we ensured greater transparency on data, not only on Covid data, in various sectors, if we educated citizens to be informed about data, then perhaps these steps could also be managed in a less anxious way, more Quiet. The absolute application of the precautionary principle and zero risk is the right way, is it sustainable? Or is this also a lesson that we have to draw from the Covid crisis? Other countries have taken more risks. And if things go wrong. badly, after taking a risk, what would happen? “, concludes Gozi.


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