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SANT’ANGELO CITY. 24 hours after the start of the vaccination campaign, the organization of the Asl for Città Sant’Angelo changes. The health care company has also decided to include Elice under the responsibility of the Angolan municipality, which in the meantime has seen a new list of booked not previously counted.
On balance this means that in the first round, starting tomorrow at 14 in the Fabbiani school gym, there will not be enough doses for all those booked. On the one hand, in fact, Elice has entered, which has 99 reservations, on the other hand a second list of Angolans has appeared, adding another 150 people to the 405 previously counted. Translated into numbers it means that at present there are 400 doses available compared to 650 requests.
From the ASL they let it be known that whoever fails to receive the vaccine in this first shift (which is worth remembering, in addition to tomorrow, it will also go on Saturday and Sunday), will be called to the next, scheduled within ten days. In fact, the goal is to close the accounts by 20 March. Based on current availability, around 340 Angolans booked are guaranteed, out of a total of 553, while as regards the citizens of Elice, the amount reserved for them is just over 60 doses, compared to 99 bookings.
These days the Angolan municipal offices are calling all the over 80s who have booked through the portal of the Region, but it is clear that the news arrived yesterday morning, not only of the inclusion of Elice but also of this second list made up of 150 people , has messed up the cards on the table.
The budget remains 406 vaccines, drawn up following the first list. The other 250 people will have to wait another ten days before receiving the first dose, which the ASL assure will arrive between the end of next week and the beginning of the next one. It goes without saying that the change of program was greeted with regret by the Angolan mayor Matteo Perazzetti, who during the day yesterday spoke on several occasions with the health leaders to seek a solution to the problem.
But the vaccine shortage is unlikely to meet all the demand during these first three days. We will need to be patient a little longer. Meanwhile, the number of positives in Angola is 160 people, a slight increase compared to what we saw a week ago. Also for this reason the hope is that the vaccine arrives as soon as possible, especially for the categories most at risk.
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