Crete will change (again) in search of a less controversial look

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2023-12-07 16:00:01

Autocar reproduction As with the Hyundai HB20, the Creta SUV will also receive important visual changes very soon. After betting on subtle changes that nullified the style of the parameterized grille, new prototypes circulating in South Korea point to the use of a slightly more conventional style. Different cut for the headlights with a well-cut angle and new style for the front Autocar reproduction These images of the covered vehicle spotted in South Korea by the Autocar website show that Hyundai will mainly change the headlights, grille, bumpers and also a certain shape at the rear of the car. Side profile should continue with few changes Autocar reproduction Even though it took a long time to arrive in Brazil, in 2021, the current look of the Creta refers to the 2019 model, therefore having just over four years of life. The Creta is sold in many countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, South Africa and Mexico in addition to Brazil and India. Creta will also receive changes at the rear Autocar reproduction In several countries, the Creta offers the 140 hp 1.4 turbo engine and will now use a 160 hp 1.5 turbo in addition to the 2.0 naturally aspirated engine that is also offered here. The “new” Brazilian Creta uses a 1.0 turbo or 2.0 naturally aspirated engine and tends to lose this second option to use another turbo engine which could be the 1.5 with 160 hp, at least in the top of the line versions.
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