Director Rajamavuli meets actor Salman Khan || Director Rajamavuli meets actor Salman Khan

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Rajamavuli meets Salman Khan, who is in the final stages of filming RRR in Mumbai.

Record: November 20, 2021 20:02


Rajamavuli revolutionized Indian cinema with his only film, Bhagwati. His Bhagwati 2 is the highest grossing film in India. Its Hindi version alone grossed over Rs 500 crore. No film, including Aamir Khan’s PK and Salman Khan’s Sultan, has ever crossed the 400 crore mark.

There is great anticipation for the RRR film to be taken after Rajamavuli Bhagwati. 2022 January 7 The film will be released in multiple languages ​​including Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi. Everyone is eagerly waiting to see if this film will break the Bhagwati collection. Meanwhile, Rajamouli, who is in the final stages of filming in Mumbai, met Salman Khan at the filming site. They talked for half an hour.

There is talk on the screen that Rajamavuli may direct a movie starring Salman Khan with this meeting.

His father Vijayendra Prasad has written the story for almost all of Rajamavuli’s films, including Bhagwati and RRR. Vijayendra Prasad also wrote the story for Salman Khan’s last hit Bajrangi Python.

The Mumbai cinema world is optimistic that Salman Khan may direct the film as he already has a professional connection with the Rajamavuli family. Meanwhile, local sources say that Rajamavuli met Salman Khan to invite him to attend the promotion of the RRR film. It is noteworthy that Rajamavuli directed the film starring Maheshbabu after the RRR film.

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