Saudi coalition kills 130 Houthis in 24 hours

by time news

Yemen – Airstrikes by Saudi forces have killed at least 130 Houthi rebels on Tuesday alone.

The Houthi rebels have been trying to seize oil-rich wells in Yemen’s Marib province since last February.

Thus the Yemeni government has been carrying out frequent attacks with the aim of controlling them.

In the last few days, Yemeni-led Saudi coalition forces have been ambushing and carrying out a series of airstrikes on Houthi rebels in the Mareeb region.

The coalition says 130 Houthi militants were killed and 16 of their armored vehicles were blown up during the attack in Marib and al-Baida districts.

Houthi rebels have killed up to 1,200 people in the past month in a series of coalition attacks.

Earlier, on November 6, an airstrike by the Yemeni-Saudi coalition killed 145 Houthi rebels.


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