Dl Support, average amount of 3,700 euros. Refreshments for 5.5 million businesses

The Draghi government is about to give the green light to the Dl Sostegni. In the afternoon the Council of Ministers is scheduled for the final yes. It is a decree with interventions for 32 billion. The most awaited and most consistent measure is that of refreshments. The item of non-repayable grants – reads the Corriere della Sera – intended for businesses, VAT numbers and professionals is worth 11 billion and serves to refresh an audience of about 5.5 million businesses affected by the closures and the effects of the pandemic. The Revenue Agency has estimated an average refreshment for businesses, establishing five bands based on turnover. In the first, the contribution is about 2 thousand euros, while those of the second will get an average of 5 thousand. The forecast is that 3 million assets will collect on average about 3,700 euros.

The mechanism provided for by the dl Support – continues the Courier – establishes that the compensation goes to companies that have suffered losses of more than 30% of turnover in 2020. The basis for the calculation of the compensation (which cannot in any case exceed 150 thousand euro) is the average monthly loss of 2020 compared to 2019 multiplied by two. A percentage ranging from 20 to 60% is applied to this basis according to the amount of turnover. Compared to the initial draft, refreshments are extended to companies with annual revenues of up to 10 million (instead of 5 million), thus establishing 5 categories: companies with revenues of up to 100 thousand euros (60% applies), from 100 to 400 thousand ( 50% applies), from 400 to 1 million (40%), from 1 to 5 million (30%) and from 5 to 10 million (20%). The criterion of refreshments therefore provides for progressively decreasing indemnities as the turnover band increases.

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