Dr. Chalermchai pointed out that people who had an abscess 50 years ago prevented up to 85% of monkeypox.

After the outbreak of monkey pox virus in many European countries causing many countries to closely monitor the situation Including Thailand, where the Emergency Operations Center is located at the Ministry of Public Health. Monkeypox cases to monitor the situation, trends and anticipate future situations.

Most recently, on May 23, 65, Dr. Chalermchai Boonyaleephan, Vice-President of the Senate Public Health Commission, revealed through private blockdit “Hundred and Eight Thousand Nine with Dr. Chalermchai” that

“Elderly people who had inoculated chickenpox or smallpox in humans more than 50 years ago still have a high level of immunity. A half-life of up to 92 years (Half life: the period in which immunity levels are reduced to 50%) can prevent up to 85% of monkeypox.

It is commonly known that The world has stopped vaccination for more than 40-50 years because the public health industry has been able to eradicate smallpox or chickenpox. As a result, people younger than 40-50 years of age are not immune to smallpox or smallpox.

But the interesting question is People over 50 years of age, where almost everyone has had an vaccination as a child. To what extent is there still immunity against smallpox in humans and monkeypox in monkeys?

There are reports of studies showing immune levels after vaccination against smallpox. Published in the leading medical journal, the New England Journal of Medicine, found the good news.

In a follow-up study of 45 volunteers, with a mean age of 37 years, with a mean follow-up of 15.2 years, and blood samples were taken for 11 periods of periodic immunity, only the level of immunity to chickenpox or smallpox was found. There will be a very slow decline. It has a half-life of 92 years, 99 years in men and 85 years in women, so those vaccinated 50 years ago now have immune levels high enough to protect against smallpox in monkeys. This is good news for all seniors.

For those younger than 50 years old, even with scars on the upper arm or hip It’s not a smallpox vaccination. but is an vaccination or vaccination against tuberculosis which will have scars as well The scar of the tuberculosis vaccine is quite convex. The scars from the smallpox prophylaxis are relatively smooth or slightly pitted.

However, it would be necessary to monitor the outbreak of smallpox in monkeys. how much And whether it is necessary to have vaccinations for people under 50 years of age or not?

Thank you for information from blockdit : Hundred Eight Thousand Nine with Dr. Chalermchai

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