Does the new Japanese variant have to scare? Experts are optimistic-

After the English, Brazilian, South African, Nigerian, Californian variants, the Japanese one also comes into play. It is called E484k, renamed “Eek” and it would seem to escape the antibodies generated by a previous Covid infection and also the vaccines developed so far. The news came from Tokyo where 70 of the patients hospitalized in March for Covid, in one of the main hospitals in the capital, the Tokyo Medical and Dental University Medical Hospital, were infected with this variant. A variant that would seem to have been born in Japan since none of the affected people had traveled abroad or had come into contact with someone who had crossed national borders. The news, in addition to increasing the fear of variants, worries because on July 23 in the country the Olympics should be held, already postponed last year precisely because of the outbreak of the pandemic.

The figures

“It is not surprising that there are variants of Covid – it is estimated that there may be 1200, of which 400 are under observation – but not terrifying either – comments Fabrizio Pregliasco, virologist at the University of Milan and medical director of Irccs Galeazzi in Milan -I shoot more: as the vaccination campaign continues, and there will be more immunized people, the virus will try to create others capable of evading vaccines, but many will be, so to speak, “insignificant”. It will be like having lots of blue or red or yellow Pandas around. Irrelevant changes. Of course, if a 4 X 4 Panda appears, the matter becomes more serious. But modifying vaccines to make them effective again will not be difficult and we are already doing it “:

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The diffusion

“Not all variants have the same diffusion capacity, – explains Sergo Abrignani, immunologist, Professor of General Pathology at the State University of Milan – as we have seen, the” winning “one is now English, but it is already recognized by vaccines in use. Once most people are immunized against this variant, others will take over and therefore we will have to get used to vaccinating ourselves every year, or every two, with specially designed products. But let’s remember that the main goal of vaccines is to avoid death from Covid. Getting sick, thanks to immunization, with symptoms all in all similar to those of a flu, will allow us to take back our lives ».

The discoveries

«And discovering new variants can be read as a positive fact – concludes Pregliasco – it means that we have become better at our investigations. If the first to be identified was the British one, it does not mean that it was “born” right there, but that the British have been able to do an excellent job of sequencing. And knowing the enemy is essential to fight him “

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