Earthquake in Naples, doctors alert: latest news

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2023-10-02 19:04:39

The earthquake in Naples and the seismic swarm that is affecting the entire Campi Flegrei area take away sleep and increase anxiety. Family doctors are raising the alarm. “In recent weeks, requests from patients who have anxiety problems and sleep disorders linked to the seismic swarm that is affecting the city have doubled in family doctors’ offices.” A situation in which “the communication amplification linked to the use of social media also has a notable impact. Compared to similar situations in the past, we are recording greater sensitivity among people, stronger reactions from patients”, Silvestro Scotti tells Salute. , national secretary of the Federation of general practitioners (Fimmg), and family doctor in the red zone in the Neapolitan city.

“Basically – continues Scotti – we see several cases of high stress and somatization. The greater vulnerability of people is probably linked both to the effects of three years of Covid and to the climate crisis which makes us feel as if we are in the presence of a rebellion of nature. There are more fears than in the past. And in this – Scotti denounces – the alarmism that spreads on the web plays a fundamental role. Sometimes old images circulate, which do not represent anything new, but which seen now can be frightening”.

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