European Athletics Championships: fall, disqualification and first medal, the improbable French evening

The scenario of Tuesday evening at the European Athletics Championships in Munich could not have been predicted. While Jules Pommery left with a frustrating 4th place in the long jump final, the Frenchman finally won the bronze medal at the end of the evening. First taken over by the Swede Thobias Montler during the 6th jump and last jump, Jules Pommery finds himself in a cruel situation since there are then three of them who jumped 8.06 m behind the Greek Tentoglou (8.52 m) but he then finds himself 4th due to a second jump that is not as good…

Jules Pommery nevertheless had one last chance to shine but he completely missed his last jump. He therefore finds himself at the foot of the podium. Then France made a protest and the officials reviewed the images of the jump of the Briton Jacob Fincham-Dukes, under the eyes of Jules Pommery. The English bit the board, and his jump to 8.06 m is canceled, which allows the Burgundian to climb on the podium. This is a first medal for French athletics in Munich, after long minutes of confusion over the final ranking.

During the queen discipline, the 100m, three French people were in the semi-finals, but only one qualified for the final, Mouhamadou Fall (10′′16) (he finished 5th in the final in 10′′17) . Jimmy Vicaut (10′’17), medalist at the European Championships twice, is the first to be eliminated. “A lot of things are missing, that’s how it is, I have nothing to say. It’s a big disappointment to get out of the semi-finals, ”he admits at the microphone of France Television. Same sentence for Méba-Mickaël Zeze who did not qualify on time despite a good start and 3rd place in his series. In the women’s 100m, hopes rested on Mallory Leconte, but the native of Saint-Denis was disqualified for a false start in the semi-finals.

The other huge disappointment was felt in the words of Hugo Hay. Positioned between 4th and 5th place on the heels of the race leader in the 5,000m final, the Frenchman fell 4 laps from the finish. Unbalanced by a movement of the arm of the silver Spaniard Mohamed Katir, he asked him for an explanation barely arrived, still clearly angry. “Frankly, it’s disgusting… It’s nonsense, he thought the track was his. Of course he does it on purpose! It’s intentional, he changes lines and pushes me with his arm. That’s not how you make a place for yourself… I’m disgusted, it’s a shitty season, ”says Hugo Hay on France Télévisions.


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