Fans are angry with Vijay Tamil Murasu

Vijay fans who gathered to watch the shooting of ‘Varisu’ were caned. The shocked fans are criticizing Vijay.

Vijay starrer, Vamsi Baidipalli’s ‘Warisu’ is nearing its final stage of shooting. It is reported that the film crew, which is currently camping in Chennai, is shooting some fight scenes.

For this, a huge hall has been set up in Ennore, Chennai. Despite the secrecy, the news somehow leaked out and a large number of fans gathered at the shooting location the day before yesterday.

While the fans are waiting for Vijay to come out to the shooting venue and meet them, he too has been busy shooting.

Meanwhile, as time went by, the fan base was slowly increasing. Despite police security, there were not enough guards to control the crowd.

So, at one point the policemen lost their patience and started batoning the fans. It is said that some of the fans were injured due to this. The footage of the incident was posted on social media. Subsequently, some have condemned Vijay.

“All actors like Rajini, Ajith, Suriya, when the fans gather, they stand at a distance and wave at them and cheer them on. But Vijayo, we came from a long distance and waited to see him, but even standing at a distance, he did not wave at us.

“Now the question arises why should we show support by putting up banners and printing posters when his new film is released? We will no longer support Vijay who does not understand the feelings of a true fan. He has given us a good gift,” Vijay fans posted on social media.

Meanwhile, Vijay has ordered the crew of ‘Varisu’ to take strict measures to prevent the videos taken secretly during the shooting from being released on the internet.

In this case, Samyukta of ‘Bigg Boss’ fame says that even though she appeared on screen for a short time, the scenes she acted with Vijay gave her satisfaction.

She has acted opposite Srikanth in ‘Koffee With Kadhal’ directed by Sundar.C and will also appear in the lead role in ‘Varisu’.

He has posted on social media about his experience of acting and interacting with Vijay on the shoot and mentioned that he was awestruck when he saw Vijay’s performance and his commitment. “Assistants used to carry umbrellas to escape from the sun while shooting. Vijay sir would have even held that umbrella in his hand. He was such a simple man.

“The experience of watching a film before its release was incredible,” says Samyukta.


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