Farm implements at subsidized rates Dinamalar

Udumalai: In Udumalai area, a fund of 4.95 lakh rupees has been allocated to provide subsidized farm implements to the farmers. Through the Udumalai District Agriculture Department, the scheme of providing farm implements to the farmers is being implemented. In a set, there are six implements, namely, gadapara, iron pan, weeder, weeder, two-blade sickle. , is provided as 50 per cent subsidy. The All Village Integrated Agricultural Development Program will be implemented to provide 300 sets to 12 villages namely Chinnakkumarapalayam, Kuruvappanayakanur, Modakupatti, Deepalapatti, Kankampalayam, Kannamanayakanur, Chinnaveerampatti, Aalampalayam, Jilebinayakanpalayam, Tinnapatti, Kurinjeri, Vadabootanam and 300 sets to other villages. , Rs. 4.95 lakh funds have been allocated. Farmers should register through the Uzhavan app and get the benefits, said Assistant Director of Agriculture Devi.

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