Folks this is a new web… don’t get stuck!| Folks this is the new web… don’t get caught!

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Tirupur: A gang is spreading a web to extort money by sending a fake message that the electricity connection is cut.

Fraudsters are using new routes to extort money from people. In that line, now a gang is spreading a web in Tirupur by sending fake SMS saying ‘Your electricity connection is disconnected today’.

If there is no electricity on normal days, it is unbearable. This summer is different; The sun is burning. Even if there is no power for a few minutes, the electric fan will not run. It is necessary to forget the night prayer.

Due to this, many people panic and send money to a specific mobile number to avoid disconnection. The fraud gang’s account is that you can roll as much as you can. Innocent people need to be aware so that they don’t fall prey to this gang.

Don’t be fooled…

General Secretary of All Public Workers Welfare Organization Saravanan has said in the petition given to Tirupur Collector:

Fraudsters have been sending fake SMS to the people of Tirupur district in the name of Power Board for the past few days. ‘Electricity bill not paid; Pay the fee immediately. Otherwise, the power connection will be disconnected by tonight,’ and also sent a mobile phone number.

Believing this to be true, fraudsters send the amount through digital money transaction to the specified mobile number, leading to deception. The district administration and the power board should work together to create awareness among the public. Legal action should be taken against those involved in such scams.

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This has been stated in the petition.

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