“France was slow to fulfill its duty in Libya”

“France was slow to fulfill its duty in Libya”

2023-10-02 06:32:53

By Maryline Dumas

Published 3 hours ago, Updated 2 hours ago

“We want help for the Libyan people. Whoever enters into the political calculations is completely wrong,” explains Abdulhadi Lahweej, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Libyan parallel government. Ministry of Foreign Affairs

INTERVIEW – The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the parallel government based in eastern Libya, on the front line to deal with the disaster of Storm Daniel which is said to have killed 10,000 people.

Special envoy to Benghazi (Libya)

LE FIGARO. – Residents of Derna organized a demonstration on September 18 to demand an international investigation into responsibilities following the extremely deadly death toll from Storm Daniel. Are you in favor of it?

Abdulhadi LAHWEEJ. – What is important is that it was a peaceful demonstration, and it is one of the expressions of democracy. It’s not like the “yellow vests” in France, who invade public places, dismantle banks and rob stores.

Would you accept an international investigation to determine responsibilities, particularly concerning the lack of maintenance of the water dams which failed?

The Libyan public prosecutor is in charge of the investigation. We are for transparency. But if you ask me, I think it’s a natural disaster. Regardless of the level of preparation and our abilities, it was difficult to cope with it. If we are to judge people…

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