“The Moscow prefect, Antonio Catricalà and Davide De Luca are all men who concretely served the institutions and in the exclusive interest of the nation, as required by our Constitution. Look at them to understand what Civil Servant means”. The honorary president of the ‘Davide De Luca – A life for Intelligence’ Association and former undersecretary at Palazzo Chigi Gianni Letta outlines the complex identity of the Civil Servant which has been at the center of the debate “Civil Servant of which Italy has need “, organized by Luiss Business School and the ‘Davide De Luca – A life for intelligence’ Association.

A journey, that of this meeting, which shows us how examples in Italy of state servants are not lacking, they exist and have always existed. “Enrico Mattei’s lesson on social sustainability is unsurpassable – explains Eni president Lucia Calvosa – and we try to carry it forward with the ‘Dual Flag’, a model that promotes the development of the communities that host us”. “Those carabinieri barracks that have not closed even in times of pandemic, leaving a symbol of closeness to the people”, says the commander general of the Carabinieri Teo Luzi, to stay even more on a daily basis.

Yet the need for a renewed ruling class is shared by all the participants in the meeting. It will be, as stated by the president of the Luiss business school Luigi Abete, “for that individualistic tendency towards individual rather than collective leadership” or for “the lack of trust between institutions and individuals that prevents the country from growing”, in the words of the Vice-president of Italo Flavio Cattaneo, the fact is that the challenges of Recovery will impose a push for change on politics and the ruling class. For Gianni Letta “Recovery will act as an external constraint to reform the Public Administration and Justice”, while, in Luzi’s words, the post covid could be an opportunity “to make the servants of the State feel proud of being able to be at the service of citizens “and relaunch the country.

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